Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a special relationship, more like a partnership based on trust and accountability. This relationship empowers people to make the most of their skills and strengths. Coaching improves personal effectiveness and professional productivity. It produces more fruitful careers, and improves your business bottom line. Just as you might hire a golf pro to coach you to a better game, Dr. Fisher will help you address your most pressing needs in your business or professional practice.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is a specialized form of coaching and one of the fastest growing personal services today. Executive coaches and mentors, like Dr. Fisher, zero in on the special needs of entrepreneurs and professionals. These needs include such issues as:
• adapting to changes in your industry and your company
• mastering the skills required for high level management
• creating a more effective top-management team
• building a career without sacrificing a family
• staying focused on critical issues and priorities
• balancing the countless demands that compete for your energy
• maintaining personal growth and fresh perspectives
• developing a life-plan for the decades beyond retirement
Dr. Fisher also serves as a confidant, as a “sounding board” outside of the organization. His listening ear provides a safe way for you to voice frustrations, explore your options, and talk though new courses of action. One leading authority on coaching estimates that 80% of America’s high level executives currently have a coach.

Is coaching a form of consulting?

Dr. Fisher provides a consulting element along with coaching. As an executive coach he plays a role that blends consulting with coaching.
• Consulting and coaching both help you build the business you want.
• The consulting specialty is information and insight, while the coaching is more concerned with performance, perspective, balance, focus, and inspiration.
• Consulting is largely a cognitive function, serving the mind. Coaching is typically more of a heart function, making sure that you stay aligned with your core values and your deeply-held aspirations.
• As your consultant Dr. Fisher brings you expertise. As your coaches he helps to mature your own expertise.

How is Dr. Fisher’s services performed?

Coaching and consulting follows a variety of patterns. Some of the services are provided face to face. Other is by phone and email. The typical coaching and consulting relationship is a balance of both. Whatever the format, successful coaching calls for extended conversation (typically for 30 to 90 minutes), usually at least twice a month and often weekly.
Should you want more intensive coaching, two and three hour sessions can be arranged. Dr. Fisher can also provide half-day or full-day “shadowings” in which e is with you as an observer in all your interactions. This allows him to make job-specific recommendations on ways to improve your communication, management, and work habits.
When you work with Dr. Fisher, your fee entitles you to contact him between sessions for added counsel at no extra cost.

Who is a candidate for coaching?

Coaching and consulting is about change. So coaching is for people who are ready for change — whether a change in effectiveness, a change in their quality of life, or a change in direction for their organization. Coaching is for men and women who are outcome oriented and who are ready to accept full responsibility for effecting the outcomes they desire. While Dr. Fisher specializes in coaching successful professionals, top-level executives, and entrepreneurs, any manager or executive can profit from his services.

Is there any evidence that coaching works?

A study of coaching in Fortune 1000 companies asked 100 executives to assess the impact of the coaching that they had received. Here are some of their responses, along with the percentage reporting specific benefits:
Improved Working Relationships
• with direct reports (78%)
• with immediate supervisors (71%)
• with peers (63%)
• with clients (37%)
Benefits to the Company
• More effective teamwork (67%)
• Improved productivity (53%)
• Reduced conflict (52%)
• Quality enhancement (48%)
• Reduced customer complaints (34%)
Other studies have found that the return on investment in coaching top level managers and executives can often be as high as five or six to one. Needless to say, these are remarkable findings and explain why executive coaching has grown so markedly in the past decade.

How long does a coaching relationship last?

There is no set answer to that question, since coaching is tailor-made to each person’s needs. Many people retain a coach for a short duration (perhaps three to six months) to work on a specific limited challenge. Others partner with a coach for years, perhaps to work through a variety of issues or to complete a long term initiative.
Whether the scope of issues is limited or extensive, the goal of coaching is to move forward expeditiously. Dr. Fisher will prod you constantly to optimize your performance. That’s one reason his service is so effective. And once people experience that effectiveness, they often make an extended commitment.

How much does coaching cost?

Fees for coaching are variable based on a variety of factors, including:
• The frequency of your coaching.
• The length of your coaching sessions.
• Whether sessions are in person, by phone, or email
• Whether the coaching is part of a larger consulting contract
• Whether we are coaching several people during a single visit to a location.
In general, coaching for mid-level executives is comparable to the investment you make for top-flight legal counsel. Many coaches charge an hourly fee, and we will do so, as well, if corporate policy or other considerations dictate it.
Our preference, however, is to set a negotiated flat fee for the term of the coaching engagement. This way you know the total cost of your coaching up front, before we begin. For this fee you are entitled to our services as often as necessary to achieve your coaching goals, including phone and email contacts between sessions.
If a company contracts with us to provide coaching for two or more people, discounts are available. We also have a discounted fee schedule for non-profits and government agencies on restricted budgets.


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