• Grew up in Seattle and Bellevue (before it became BELLEVUE)
  • University of Washington 1969-73- BS Microbiology, 1973-77 DDS
  • General Practice Residency, Providence Hospital 1977-78
  • Private dental practice as owner from 1978-2013 when I transitioned my practice into another. Currently I am working part-time as an associate dentist.

I have always had a passion for business and hard work that began at an early age.  I grew flowers in Dixie cups and sold them from my wagon in the neighborhood in 3rd grade.  I also sold Christmas cards, Christmas trees (cut down by my grandfather).  During my adolescence I washed cars, mowed lawns, general and landscape work, and cleaned locker rooms.  While doing maintenance work at the community pool, I watched the lifeguards lolling around in the sun and making more than me, so I got the training and worked as a lifeguard, swim instructor and swim coach in high school, college and most of the way through dental school.

I have always enjoyed the mountains.  My family took many ski vacations growing up.  I continue to spend a good portion of my recreation in the mountains.  Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, hiking.  Until my mid 40′s I did a lot of climbing.  I learned the meaning of commitment in climbing.  The below is not relevant, it is only important to move forward, the next ten feet extremely important, after that is a plan but it may need altering.  Much like life.

My current main recreational activity is dancing.  Ballet (10 yrs), ballroom (3yrs).  I have done numerous performances and competitions.  It requires mind/body coordination, clear yet unspoken communication with your partner, planning and practice.  And good coaching from instructors.

I have had a business coach myself for over 30 years, Dr. Marc Cooper, who has been the key figure in helping me discover myself as a practitioner and business owner.  His teachings and regular conversations kept me grounded and focused even when times were tough.  I have also taken many courses over the years in communication, and business management.  Dr. Cooper helped me through personal and financial trials and I emerged stronger than before.  The value of having a coach is being held accountable to someone other than yourself.  We are too easy on ourselves.  It also means having someone else that is committed to you achieving your goals.  Every successful team has a coach and it is the rare person that can be a player/coach.